How can I enable third-party cookies?

If you enter BYOB and see this message ' Anti-forgery state token does not match the initial request!', it's probably because your browser is blocking third-party cookies. Most Shopify apps are embedded into Shopify, third-party cookies are used to provide personalized experiences to users. 

If you are using Chrome incognito tab or your browser disables third-party cookies, BYOB will not work normally. This is because BYOB is using cookies to store session id. When cookies are disabled, we cannot transfer your data from your browser to our server.

How can I check my cookies setting?

For Chrome, just visit Settings -> Privacy and Security and you'll see your setting:

cookie is blocked in Chrome

How to fix the issue?

If you enable cookies for BYOB, the issue will be gone. Click the 'Add' button next to Sites that can always use cookies:

Input and press the 'Add' button. Done. Go back to your BYOB app and refresh the page. 

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