Why can't I add bundle to cart?

There are mainly 4 reasons:

  1. Draft bundle
    Just like your products, Draft products are not allowed to be put in the cart. If you are testing, you have to change the bundle to 'active' status. 
    After that, the 'Add Bundle to Cart' button will be enabled 
  2. Protected by password mode
    If your store is protected by password mode, you can place a test order with Shopify Bogus Gateway
  3. Conflicts with other apps
    Occasionally, some apps will block the process of adding the bundle to the cart. It happens a few times with other widgets on the product page. Usually, these apps change the standard product page but we're using a custom product template. So they accidentally changed something else.

    If you discover the issue, please send us the app name and we'll resolve it. 
  4. Your fulfillment location is not set correctly
    After the add-bundle-to-cart button is clicked, a new variant is generated for this virtual item. These variants are assigned to the first active location fulfilled by you. You can check this location via the BYOB Settings page => Fulfillment.

    Please set up an active location that is not tied to a fulfillment service. You can follow this tutorial to set up your locations.

    You must have a shipping profile to cover our virtual bundle products. 

    For more information, please refer to the official guide of shipping profiles.

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