What are the app permissions used for?

Below are the app permissions required for BYOB:

This app has access to the following personal information:

  • Customers names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, geolocations, IP addresses, and browser user agents
    • Customer info is not necessary. It's included in the order permission but we can't exclude this sensitive information.

This app can access and modify your storeā€˜s data:

  • Modify products, variants, and collections
    • Create virtual products to link with your real products
  • Modify theme templates and theme assets
    • Upload our bundle templates
  • Modify orders, transactions, and fulfillments
  • Modify orders
    • Edit orders to add individual products to the order
  • Modify inventory
    • Assign the inventory quantity of the virtual products
  • Modify script tags in your store's theme template files
    • Customize the cart page & other pages
  • Read products, variants, and collections
    • Sync the bundles with your products
  • Read theme templates and theme assets
    • Check and upload bundle templates
  • Read orders, transactions, and fulfillments
  • Read order edits
  • Read inventory
  • Read script tags in your store's theme template files

Please note that we keep reviewing and updating our app permissions from time to time. We always try to minimize the usage of app permissions. This is one of the requirements enforced by Shopify. 

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