Can I add a code snippet like javascript or liquid?

Yes, our latest version (>= 0.41) supports the latest JSON templates. You can add code snippets via the theme editor.

For example, you want to add text to the bottom of the bundle template. You can visit Dashboard => Change Design => Add sections on the side menu => Select Rich text. After that, a new section is added to our template. And You can change the text. 

If you want to add js or liquid, select the Custom Liquid / Custom HTML section. Rich text or custom liquid are built-in sections of the Dawn theme, an Online Store 2.0 theme made by Shopify. The built-in sections vary for different themes.


  1. For our easy update, please put your sections to the bottom of all BYOB built-in sections.
  2. You should not disable our sections (all sections started with "BYOB"). Otherwise, the template cannot function normally.

For more info about Section Everywhere, please refer to the Shopify intro video:

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