How can I check if there is an app confilct?

If the 'Add Bundle to Cart' button keeps loading after you click it, you may have an app conflict. Some apps like bundle apps are monitoring the add-to-cart action on the product page. But they don't expect a custom product template. They will block the add-bundle-to-cart actions.

Here are the steps to find the conflict apps on Chrome. It also works on Safari or other browsers with the inspector 

  1. Open the inspector (F12 or right-click Inspect)
  2. Clear Console (Ctrl + L)
  3. Add items to bundle and then press the add bundle to cart button on the footer
  4. If there is an app conflict, the loading icon will keep spinning and there will be a new error appearing. Usually, this is the culprit. 

  5. Find out who is hosting the file, in the example it's Obviously, it's Adroll.

How to fix the conflict?

Basically, there are 3 ways:

  1. Stop the conflicting app from running on the bundle page
  2. Delete the conflicting app if you're not using it
  3. Contact us so that we can put it into the block list. The blocklist can stop it from running on the bundle page.

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