FishBowl Inventory System Integration Guide

BYOB is generating dummy variants to adjust prices. By default, no SKU is assigned to these variants since they do not exist in the inventory. The shippers are not going to fulfill these virtual items. 

However, FishBowl Inventory System requires an SKU so as to import our orders into the system. Therefore, we provide a setting to add SKUs to our dummy product variants. 


  1. Visit BYOB Setting page
  2. Activate the option - Add SKUs to dummy variants
  3. After activation, new variants generated by us will have an SKU. The format is BYOB[Your bundle id]. This SKU will be used as a filter in FishBowl
  4. Change your part type in FishBowl to non-inventory
  5. You can place a test order and check if the order can be imported to FishBowl

For detailed FishBowl configurations, please visit the FishBowl support page

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