Does BYOB integrate with subscription apps?

No, we can't integrate with subscription apps like Recharge, Bold, Appstle, Seal, etc. After contacting several subscription app developers, we realize that most of them don't offer a way to integrate. 

Unfortunately, it's also difficult to add a subscription feature to BYOB. Currently, Shopify is supporting the subscription for individual items. Both order edit and draft order cannot support subscription as written in the limitations. In simple terms, we can only support a subscription like this: 

The customer can subscribe 5 items to deliver monthly, get a 20% off discount. But she can remove any item in the cart and still get the discount. This is because there is no bundle logic provided by the Shopify subscription API. 

Please note that BYOB is a custom bundling app but not a subscription app. The focus is just different. Subscription is NOT a must-have feature for custom bundling. Just because we don't provide subscriptions, it doesn't imply that there is a defect in BYOB. 

Having said so, we'll keep noticed on the latest subscription apps / subscription API for potential integration opportunities.

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