How can I uninstall the app?

For dummy products and variants:

  • You can delete the bundles on the BYOB dashboard. The corresponding products will be deleted

For template files in your theme:

You can find the below files from your theme. There are :

6 section files:

  • byob-bundle-info.liquid
  • byob-confirm-modal.liquid
  • byob-product-grid.liquid
  • byob-footer.liquid
  • byob-quickview.liquid
  • byob-subscription.liquid

1 snippet file:

  • byob-messages.liquid

1 product template:

  • byob.json

After that, you can delete the app from your app list. If you are worried, you can make a backup before deleting the files. Even you don't delete these files from your theme, there is no serious drawback. 

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