Can I change the price of $0 on the collection page?

For price discount, we set the bundle price to the price you set. But we don't set a price for percentage-off or fixed-amount off discounts. This is because the bundle price is only determined after customers build a bundle. For example, you've set buying any 3 products in a collection, get 10% off. The price is only calculated AFTER customers make a selection. 

Therefore, the first variant is set to $0 on the collection page. You will see the product like the screenshot. 

How to change the price?

If you want to change this price, you can search the product with the bundle name in the Shopify product admin. After that, set the price of the first variant (with default name, default items). 

In general, you should change the bundle data in our app. And our app is going to sync the bundle data to this product. As a rule of thumb, you should not directly change this product since the changes may be overwritten by our app. But the compare at price and the first variant price are not synced in our app so it's alright.

How to further customize the price here?

The products linking to the bundles are set with "BYOB" as the vendor. If you want to filter the bundle product, you can use:

{% if product.vendor == 'BYOB' %}From {{ product.price_min | money }} to {{ product.price_max | money }}{% endif %}

For more info, please refer to this Shopify tutorial: How to Display Price Ranges on Shopify Collection Pages

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