How can I hide the display price and the add to cart button?

There are 2 ways:

  1. Change the liquid files of your theme. Our products can be identified with the vendor or type equal to 'BYOB'. Please consult your theme developer if necessary 
  2. Add a custom liquid section to your collection 
    For OS 2.0 themes like Dawn, you can add a custom liquid to the collection. Please follow the steps below:
    1. Prepare the collection handle if the collection link is The collection handle is 'collections/vans'
    2. Set the product price to a special price like $25.5 or any price you like. Please note that all prices under the collection will be removed
    3. Prepare the class name of the price element. This is a bit harder. You have to use the inspector on Chrome. Open it with Ctrl + Shift + I or F12 or right-click => Inspect. For Dawn theme, the class name is 'price':

    4. In the theme editor, go to Collections => Default Collection. Add a custom liquid to your theme. After that, Copy and paste the code below. Replace the handle, price, and class name with your own (the first 2 - 4 lines):
      let collection_handle = 'collections/YOUR-COLLECTION-NAME';
      let price = 'YOUR PRICE';
      let classname = 'YOUR CLASSNAME';
      if (window.location.pathname.includes(collection_handle)) {
      	let elements = document.getElementsByClassName(classname);
      	for (el of elements) {
      		if (el.innerText.includes(price)) {
      			while (el.firstChild) {
      			// remove extra sibling element like direct add to cart button
      			if (el.nextElementSibling) el.parentNode.removeChild(el.nextElementSibling);

      You can also watch this video for the whole process (the sample theme is Dawn):

    5. You may need to type a space and save it again. The theme editor is slow and not saving the changes occasionally. 

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