Integration with Subscription Apps

With the latest Shopify Subscription API, BYOB can read the subscription data created by the subscription apps. This integration aims to build a box / build a custom bundle with subscription apps. 

For example, customers can select the items on the template and the individual items will be added to the cart with the subscription plans. Customers only have to select subscription options once for multiple items

Live Demo

Coffee Subscription Box


  • You're already using a subscription app like Shopify Subscriptions, Appstle, Awtomic, etc
  • Your subscription app must support Shopify Subscription API.

  • Multiple subscription apps are not supported
  • You're using BYOB Standard, Advance, or the Plus plan

Supported Subscription Apps

  • Shopify Subscriptions
  • Appstle
  • Skio
  • Seal
  • PayWhirl
  • Smartrr
  • Awtomic

Other apps may be supported upon request.

How it works

  1. Set the same subscription plans for BYOB virtual products and individual products in your subscription app. 
  2. Customers select items on the custom template
  3. When customers add a bundle to their cart, a pop-up with the subscription options will be shown 
  4. When customers add subscriptions to the cart, individual products with the same selected plans will be added to the cart
  5. Bundles are shown as separate line items (Multi-SKU)

How to set up?

  1. In BYOB, 
    1. Create a bundle with the discount type of Subscription. Turn the status to active if it's your 1st bundle. Otherwise, you can't open the theme editor in the next step. 
    2. Click Change Design on the side menu to visit the theme editor. Add the BYOB Subscription Pop-up app block before the BYOB Products Selection app block
  2. In your subscription app, create the same subscription plans for the linked product and all individual items (sample setup from Shopify Subscriptions)

  3. Test the bundle. See if the subscription pop-up is enabled

Add discount code on top

  1. In Shopify discount admin, create a discount code applicable to the individual products. 
  2. Include the discount code in the bundle description, and tell customers to redeem it during checkout


1. What happens if I forget to set a subscription plan for the bundle product?

Only the one-time purchase is shown

2. Can I change the text in the pop-up?

Yes, you can change it in BYOB settings => Change Text. You'll be redirected to the language editor. Look for the section BYOB subscription. 

If you are using the latest theme app extension (TAE), a section file has to be added. This is because Shopify has suspended theme access from all app developers. Please contact support.

3. Is there any way to add the whole bundle as a single item to the cart?

No, it's not possible. Single purchases can only support the variant mode

- The default variant mode creates a new variant when a customer builds a bundle. The variants can be deleted after the order is paid. For subscriptions, the variants cannot be deleted since the customers are reordering again. In other words, the variants will accumulate and they can no longer be deleted. There is no way to delete ordinary variants and keep subscription variants right now. It is always going to be broken down into separate line items in the cart.

- The inventory cannot sync to these old variants. It may cause overselling

- Order editing API may not work with subscription orders

4. If only the individual items are added to the cart, can I stop customers from removing the product one by one?

Currently, the only solution is to customize the cart template in your theme. You can use liquid or js to hide the remove button. For liquid, the cart attribute will include byob. For js, the link can be checked with ref, attributes, or utm_source (e.g.[where-from]=BYOB-test-change-design&utm_source=BYOB)

5. I want to offer subscriptions for the bundle only but not for individual products. Is it possible?

No, technically it's not feasible.



Since there are no dummy variants generated and no orders being edited, these orders are not tracked in your plan

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