How can I install BYOB? (1 min)

To Install BYOB, you will add our app blocks to a theme file. You can 

  1. Follow our instructions below or demo video (20s) to DIY, 
  2. Request our professional assistance (free) via or click "Contact" at the top right-hand corner. You'll grant us store access.

  1. Install BYOB in the Shopify AppStore
  2. Hit "Change Design" in the BYOB app menu. You'll be redirected to the theme editor.
  3. You'll see an empty product template called byob.

  4. Search our app blocks by BYOB. Add them according to the order in the screenshot.
    1. BYOB Bundle Info
    2. BYOB Products Selection
    3. BYOB Footer
    4. BYOB Confirm Pop-up

  5. Press the Save button. Done. When you create new bundles, the app will use the new byob product template.

  6. You can change style options in each app block (optional)

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