Can BYOB support discount codes or automatic discounts?

Yes, our bundles can support a discount code or automatic discount in addition to the discount you set in the app. 

When the customer clicks 'add bundle to cart', a new variant is generated and added to the cart. So it's just an ordinary product which can apply a discount. You can search the linked products with the bundle name in the Shopify product admin.

Under Shopify limitations, only 1 discount can be redeemed during checkout. As we all know, customers love deals. BYOB is designed to leave a unique discount for your promotion. 

Note: If you're using discount code bundles or subscription bundles, you can only apply the discount to the individual products 

How to set up the discount?

  1. Create an auto collection to include the linked products (What is auto collection?). This collection will automatically include any new dummy products generated by the app
  2. Use this auto collection for your discount. Apply the discount to this collection.

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