What is discount code bundle?

Discount code bundles redirect customers to the cart page with a discount applied. Only individual items are added to the cart.


  • You don't like dummy variants and products to be created
  • Order edit stops working due to Shopify limits (local delivery, multi-currency, etc)
  • Your inventory system cannot import BYOB orders

When is it useful?

  • Your bundle is only offering a percentage-off or fixed-amount-off discount, which is compatible with the Shopify discount code
  • You don't need to stack a bundle discount with a Shopify discount. In other words, you are only offering a Shopify discount.

Sample bundles:

  1. Build Your Own 6 Pack
  2. Buy X Get Y discount

Use cases:

  • Selecting at least n items from a collection, get a percentage-off or fixed-amount-off discount
  • Buy X Get Y (BXGY) or Buy One Get One Free (BOGO)
    The default BXGY requires all items to be added to the cart. Usually, customers don't know that they are required to add discounted items manually. With our custom template, customers can add all items in 1 place. 
  • Giveaways / Gifts
    You can set up discount codes, e.g. 100% off discount to a specific group of customers within a limited period of time. 
  • Offer free shipping discounts

How to set it up?

  1. Set up a discount code for your bundle offer
  2. Input it in the discount type of discount code
  3. Test bundle


  1. Case 1 - Custom 3 packs
  2. Case 2 - Buy X Get Y
  3. Case 3 - Auto Discount or No Discount

Case 1 - Custom 3 packs:

  1. You set up a Shopify discount code with the conditions you like (In Shopify discount admin), e.g you can set up a buy 3 items from a collection, get 10% off discount like below:

  2. You set up the same bundle condition and input the code when creating a BYOB bundle (In BYOB)

  3. Set up the same bundle conditions as your discount code
  4. When customers add bundles to the cart, all individual items are added to the cart immediately. Customers are redirected to the cart page with the applied discount code.

Case 2 - Buy X Get Y (BXGY):

  1. Set up the BXGY discount code in the Shopify discount admin (The example is buy-1-get-2 free)

  2. Set up the bundle condition like below:

Case 3 - Automatic discount or No discount applied:

Just input + in the discount code field. Customers will be redirected without applying a discount code.

Display discount (updated on 14/9/2022):

Set up the same discount as your discount code. The discounted price can be shown on the add-to-cart button.

Comparison table:

Standard Mode Discount Code Bundle
Adjust Price by Variant Discount Code
Edit Orders ✔️
Generate Dummy Variants ✔️
Stack Discounts ✔️
Purchase Multiple Bundles in a Checkout ✔️
Update Inventory ✔️ ✔️
Support Multi-SKUs ✔️ ✔️
Support Price Discount (e.g. Any 3 for $80) ✔️
(only works if all products are of the same price)
Support external inventory systems Setup Required ✔️
Support Custom Note ✔️ ✔️
Combine Discounts ✔️ ✔️
Supported by Shopify discount combination
Digital Downloads
(Your digital downloads app may not send download links)
Multiple Currencies

(Shopify cannot edit multiple-currency orders )


  1. The discount code can be shared with other customers. It can be used at checkout.
  2. Please note only one discount code can be used per order. If the customers are purchasing multiple bundles or products, we suggest placing separate orders.

Order Tracking

Some users report that there is no way to know how many customers have used the build-a-bundle feature. We've added a tracker to additional details & conversion summary (screenshots attached below). BYOB and the bundle name are added to the additional details. This tracker is using cart permalinks

But this tracker can only track orders after visiting checkout. If the customers navigate from checkout back to the cart, this tracker is lost. Currently, this issue cannot be fixed because the checkout script can only be used by Shopify Plus users. We cannot add any code on the checkout.

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