Why aren't my orders edited?

On some occasions, BYOB cannot edit your order. It's likely because it is prohibited by Shopify. Here are some edge case examples:

  1. Customers add bundles to the cart. But they don't check out immediately. After a period of time (e.g. 2, 3 days, or even longer period of time), you delete or put some products off the shelf (i.e. not available for purchase). We cannot put not available products to orders.
  2. The order was placed in a different currency to your store's currency. If your store sells in multiple currencies, then we can edit only orders that are in your store's currency. (See Order Edit FAQ)
  3. Your payment method is Cash on Delivery (COD). Only after the order is paid, order conversion begins. 
  4. You're testing with the test mode of Shopify Payment to simulate a successful transaction. After you checkout, the order payment status is 'Authorized' instead of 'Paid'. Therefore, there is no webhook notification sent from Shopify for order conversion. It happens more commonly for Shopify Partners. As a fix, you can try to turn the order into Paid or test with Bogus Gateway.

We try to eliminate the possibility of order edit stopping in the middle of the process. If you ever discover that your order edit is stopped, please notify us and we'll try to investigate and run the order edit manually for you.

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