How can I set up Tiered Discounts?

You can set up tiered discounts like Buy 3 pairs of pants for $60, 5 for $90, and 8 for $120.

Live Demo:

To see how it works, please try these sample bundles:

  1. Beanies Bundle (3 Tiers Demo) – BYOB Store
  2. Beanies Bundle (3 Tiers Based on Discount Code) – BYOB Store

How to create a tiered bundle:


  1. Visit Create Bundle page
  2. Set up the bundle condition 1 to have at least 3 items from your pants (only 1 condition is allowed). The at least number must match with your first tier
  3. Choose tiered discounts in discount type, input tiers in ascending order, e.g
    1. Any 3 for $60
    2. Any 5 for $90
    3. Any 8 for $120
  4. Fill in other parts of the form
  5. Press the save button

Tiers in multiple ranges:

If you want to set up ranges, e.g. buy 1 - 3 items for 10% off, 4 - 6 for 15% off, 7 - 9 for 20% off. You can use the  at least operator. For this case, you'll need 4 tiers:

  1. Set up a bundle condition of at least 1 item from a collection or specific products
  2. Set up tiers like this:
    1. At least 1 for 10% off
    2. At least 4 for 15% off
    3. At least 7 for 20% off
    4. Any 9 for 20% off (Optional)
      1. This tier is used for the maximum cap. If you don't need a cap, just set up the above 3 tiers.

Tiers + Pair with discount codes:

You can activate the option - Pair with discount codes in Tiered discounts. When this option is enabled, the tiers you set up will be used as the displayed price. If a tier is fulfilled, the customers will be directed to the cart with the discount code applied (just like discount code bundles).

Here is a sample setup:

  1. Set up the discount codes for the tiers, let's say there are 3 tiers (Buy 2 - 4 gloves at 10% off, 5 -7 at 15% off, 8 at 20% off.
    Here is a discount code for the 1st tier. You can create other discount codes similarly: BYOB - tier discounts code setup
  2. Input the bundle conditions in the create bundle page. Input the corresponding discount codes for each tier:

  3. Press the save button and test the bundle
  4. Individual items will be redirected to the cart with the discount code applied.


Metafield updates are slow. Please refresh the page if you find the bundle conditions not updated

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