Why is it showing $0 price and no product image on the cart page?

It's a known issue and it's because Shopify is indexing your products at the back during variants creation. Usually, it takes 10 - 20 seconds for Shopify to finish the loading. Rest assured that the variants are created with the correct price. Customers cannot check out the item for free. 

Shopify is just stuck at loading the new variants. Currently, there is no way to speed up the process. There are 2 workarounds here:

  1. You can show a notice on the bundle page asking users to refresh the cart page, e.g. Please wait for a few seconds on the cart page so the products can be loaded. 
  2. Bypass the cart page. Activate 'direct checkout' option in Change Design => BYOB Confirm Pop-up. Customers will be redirected to the checkout page

We're automatically refreshing the cart page to show the correct line item when a BYOB bundle item is detected.

If you want to follow the latest fix, you can subscribe to this thread on the Shopify community. 

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