The ultimate checklist before handover to your clients

  1. The order format
    If you are testing the order format, you should test with Bogus Gateway. Only after the order is paid, the individual items are added to the order. You can refer to this demo video to simulate the order edit process.
  2. Order edit limitations
    There are various limitations in the order edit. These are the roadblocks set up by Shopify. We are trying to improve the reliability from time to time. However, we cannot bypass the issues of the Shopify interface. In the long run, we'll provide more methods to adjust prices and handle orders.
  3. Location
    By default, our app uses the first active location to store dummy variants. If you don't set a shipping rate for the default location, it cannot pass through checkout. To view the default location, you can visit BYOB Dashboard => Setting => Fulfillment. You can also change the location to another one
  4. Languages
    If your store is supporting different languages, you can change the text via Setting => Edit translation texts
  5. Inventory system
    If you are using a third-party inventory system like ShipStation, ShippingEasy, you may need to set up filters to remove the original bundle item. This is because the bundle item is virtual and it's never going to be shipped
  6. Store currency
    Orders using a currency other than the store currency cannot be edited. This is also a bug of Shopify

How to test the whole process?

  1. Visit the bundle page
  2. Add bundle to cart as usual
    1. sometimes, there may be app conflicts since other apps are interfering with the custom product page
  3. Click "view cart" on the pop up after the bundle is created
  4. Check if the cart page is correct
  5. Proceed to checkout
  6. Input the shipping address to check if the shipping fee can be generated. You can visit BYOB => setting to see which location you're using now
    1. If you don't set a shipping profile for the location, the shipping rate cannot be generated by Shopify
  7. Input test payment information (no fee will be charged by Bogus gateway). 
  8. Visit and refresh Shopify Order admin to see if the order is edited. Typically, it takes 10 - 15s to finish the process. 
  9. Check if the order format is correct. 
  10. If you're using a 3rd party inventory system, check if the order can be imported
    1. Some inventory systems require that all items must include SKUs. Otherwise, the orders cannot be imported into the inventory systems 

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