Theme Change / Upgrade Guide

If you're going to upgrade or change your theme, there is no need to reinstall the app. 

Here are the steps to test the template in an unpublished theme:

  1. Visit BYOB settings => Template => Test in unpublished themes, upload the template files to the theme
  2. Open the theme editor of the unpublished theme, add the app blocks to the template following the installation guide.
  3. Preview the theme. Search the product with the bundle name
  4. View the bundle to see if the layout looks ok.
  5. You'll have to reconfigure the section options in the theme editor again

Test in unpublished themes

If you want to test the templates in an unpublished theme, you can:

  1. Open the theme editor to view the product template => byob
  2. Select the assigned product to preview

Copy the custom CSS from the old theme to the new one (Optional)

If you are just upgrading the theme, you can copy the custom CSS to the new one. So the customization can be restored.


  1. Copy the custom CSS from your old theme
  2. Hit Change Design in BYOB to visit the theme editor
  3. Paste the code snippet into BYOB Bundle Info section => Advance => Custom CSS
  4. Hit the Save button. Preview a bundle to view the changes

Copy existing section options to the new theme (Optional)

If your new theme style is totally different from your old one, this step can be skipped.

  1. Open the file product.byob.json in the code editor (in the old theme)
  2. Look for the sections byob-bundle-info, byob-product-grid, byob-confirm-modal
  3. Copy the lines in settings and to the file product.byob.json (in the new theme)

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