Can I customize the components? (Advance)

Yes, the template is based on Vue3. You can customize the Vue components.

You can also search this byob_app.js file on your bundle page - view page source. It's added by our custom template.

This js defines the Vue components, below are the js object:

  1. byob_tab - the tab used to separate the bundle conditions
  2. byob_product_card - the product card displayed in the product grid
  3. byob_footer_bar - the footer bar used to store what customers select
  4. byob_filters - the filters used in a condition
  5. byob_modal - the modal used to show the confirm & custom note pop-up

You can override the component by defining an object like byob_custom_product_card, byob_custom_tab, etc. When the object is detected, it overrides the default component and loaded into the Vue app.

After that, add a custom liquid section to store the code like the attached screenshot. The screenshot tries to override the filter used in a bundle condition.

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