BYOB js variables for customizations

Here are the js variables that can be used for customizations. When the js variable is defined in the byob product template, the corresponding feature is activated. 

You can add a custom liquid section with the javascript inside. Just put this section above the app blocks:

var activate_this_feature = true;

The variables:

  • canToggleTab - By default, the tab can be toggled. You can set canToogle = false and the tab cannot be toggled to open and close.
  • openAllTabs - By default, only the 1st tab is opened. You can set openAllTabs = true to open all tabs when the page is opened
  • byob_currency_option - the default currency option is default_currency_option= {style:'currency', currency: currencyCode}
  • byob_locale - the default locale is {{ request.locale.iso_code }, e.g. 'en'
  • customDecimalPlace - the decimal place shown on the price of the product card. The default value is 2
  • byob_single_purchase_by_variant - enable single purchase by the bundle variant on the subscription pop-up. By default, only the individual items are added to the cart for subscription integration.
  • enableQuickviewByImage  - set var enableQuickviewByImage = true. The quick view pop-up can be triggered by clicking the product card image
  • same_as_footer_format - set the product card price to have the same price format as the footer total price, e.g. the footer price is HK$90.00, the product card price will be changed to HK$50.00 when this variable is defined

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