Can I change the liquid template directly? (Advance)

Yes, if can change the template files directly and I can freeze the template auto-update for your store. But your template files can no longer be patched by us. Please contact us to activate the option

Should I change the template files?

If you are customizing the template for your clients and you must change the logic/flow, then you should change the template files. Otherwise, you can should customize with Custom CSS or callback methods. This option is only used by developers.

What are the template files?

You can search the template files with 'byob' in the Shopify code editor:

There are 7 section files:

  • byob-bundle-info.liquid
    This section includes the translation texts, the top banner, the header, and the description. Custom CSS is also put here.
  • byob-confirm-modal.liquid
    This section includes the confirm pop-up component
  • byob-product-grid.liquid
    This section is the core file. It includes the product grid, product card, and footer components
  • byob-footer.liquid
    Standby section. Not in use currently
  • byob-quickview.liquid
    Optional section
  • byob-reviews.liquid
    Optional section
  • byob-subscription.liquid
    Optional section

The template files are mainly created with Vue.js v3.x + Liquid. The elements are separated into different Vue components

Where are the files?

On request. When you contact support, we can upload the files to your theme for custom development.

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