How can I integrate with 3rd party inventory system?

If you're using a 3rd party inventory system (like FishBowl Inventory) and BYOB orders can't be imported, you might need to use the BYOB settings below:

1. Add SKUs to dummy variants. 

By default, it's NOT necessary to add SKU unless you can't import orders to your inventory system. The dummy variants generated don't exist in your inventory. So there is NO SKU assigned. Otherwise, it may confuse your shippers.

Currently, there are 2 ways to assign SKUs in the app.

  1. SKU by bundle ID 
    Activate Add SKUs to dummy variants, the SKU 'BYOB[bundle id]' will be assigned for EACH bundle. Each bundle has a unique ID. You'll see the bundle id on the link when you edit a bundle, e.g. 
  2. Single SKU
    Activate Add SKUs to dummy variants, a fixed SKU will be assigned to ALL bundles. 

2. Delete the bundle variant after the order is paid

The 2nd way is to delete the variant. Since this variant is only used for pricing but not fulfillment, you can activate the BYOB setting - delete variants after order is paid. When the variant without SKU is deleted, the inventory system can import the order again.

3. Use discount code bundles

Discount code bundle pairs a discount code with the bundle and redirects the customers to checkout. In checkout, the code is applied automatically. Since everything is Shopify-native, there is no extra integration effort required.

4. Tiered discounts + apply discount code

If you are using tiered discounts, you can activate the option - Apply discount code. ´╝Ěhen a tier is matched, the app will redirect the customers to the checkout with the discount code applied.


When you're trying BYOB, you should test whether the orders can be imported into your inventory system.

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