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  • PageFly Integration Guide

    If you're using PageFly, make sure that you are NOT applying the PageFly templates to our bundle products (wrong example below). Our bundle products are using 'byob' product template: You should

  • WebShipper Integration Guide

    If you are using WebShipper as your shipping system, you can use WebShipper workflows to set up rules & filters. For example, you can remove the bundle line item of BYOB. The bundle item vendor is

  • ShipStation Integration Guide

    If you're using ShipStation, you can import the orders manually. If you don't want the virtual bundle item, you can remove the item from the order following this guide: Add and Edit Order Items If

  • ShippingEasy Integration Guide

    If you're using ShippingEasy, you should follow this guide to sync BYOB orders to this fulfillment app. By default, ShippingEasy will automatically sync any Shopify order with an "Unfulfilled"

  • Weglot Integration Guide

    To integrate with Weglot translation app, you'll need to add dynamic elements to Weglot. Otherwise, Weglot cannot target some elements on our template. Please note that if your language is not

  • Product Personalizer Integration Guide

    If you're using Product Personalizer by Zepto Apps, the line item properties may be repeated on the cart page. This is because Product Personalizer is copying the properties again. If you're

  • Facebook Channel Integration Guide

    If you don't want BYOB bundle products to appear on your Facebook store, you can: Search for the linked products with the bundle name in the Shopify product admin Remove Facebook from the sales

  • FishBowl Inventory System Integration Guide

    BYOB is generating dummy variants to adjust prices. By default, no SKU is assigned to these variants since they do not exist in the inventory. The shippers are not going to fulfill these virtual

  • Product Reviews Integration Guide

    Just add the review widget section to the bottom of our custom template. And the widget will be added like the screenshot below: For more information, please refer to the review

  • Shopify Digital Downloads Integration Guide

    If you're using Shopify Digital Downloads app and you want to create custom bundles of digital products, you can use the discount code mode of BYOB. When there are only individual items added to the

  • Product Filter & Search Integration Guide

    If you're using Product Filter & Search by Boost Commerce, you should follow this guide to hide the dummy products generated by BYOB. By default, BYOB hides all dummy products from the theme search.

  • Stamped Product Reviews & UGC Integration Guide

    BYOB can integrate with Stamped Product Reviews & UGC to display the star ratings on each product. Requirements You must be using Stamped Product Reviews app There are product reviews published for

  • ESC ‑ Size Charts & Size Guide Integration Guide

    If you're using ESC ‑ Size Charts & Size Guide, you can also add the size guide on the bundle page of BYOB. Steps: Look for the bundle product in your Shopify product admin. Search by the bundle

  • G:Variant Image + Color Swatch (by Globo) Integration Guide

    If you're using G:Variant Image + Color Swatch, the collection page may show the options like this: If you are adding a liquid file - swatch-globo.liquid to the theme. Just open this file and replace

  • Slide Cart & Cart Drawer ‑ TCC Integration Guide

    The app - Slide Cart & Cart Drawer ‑ TCC is developed by AppHQ. Here's the step to refresh the cart drawer after a bundle is built: Add a new liquid file - byob-custom-liquid.liquid in the code

  • Get started with BYOB

    Welcome to BYOB! 👋 Here is a getting-started guide for new BYOB users. 📖 1. How BYOB works? The general workflow of BYOB: Select: Customers select products to build a bundle on the template

  • Theme Change / Upgrade Guide

    If you're going to upgrade or change your theme, there is no need to reinstall the app. Here are the steps to go through the process: Before a new theme is published, create the alternate product

  • Integration with Locate Inventory

    If you're using Locate Inventory, currently there is no way to integrate with the system. In order for LOCATE to import an order, the part(s) on the order must exist in LOCATE. Since BYOB creates new

  • Integration with Subscription Apps

    With the latest Shopify Subscription API, BYOB can read the subscription data created by the subscription apps. This integration aims to build a box / build a custom bundle with Recharge or other

  • How can I integrate with 3rd party inventory system?

    If you're using a 3rd party inventory system (like FishBowl Inventory) and BYOB orders can't be imported, you might need to use the BYOB settings below: 1. Add SKUs to dummy variants. By default,

  • Do you accept custom development work?

    Yes and No. Currently, we only have time to maintain the BYOB app and customer support tickets. Therefore, we cannot handle your custom development work. If you are willing to pay, we can refer you

  • How to migrate from section liquid files to theme app extension (TAE)?

    Steps: Visit Sales Channels => Themes => Edit Code In the Code Editor, search for byob. You'll find a file - product.byob.json Rename the file to product.byob-backup.json. So you can add a new

  • Can BYOB support local pickup?

    Yes, both the variant mode and discount code mode can support local pickup. When the local pickup option is used, the shipping rate for local pickup is set to Free and can't be changed. For the

  • How to check if the shipping fee is correct?

    When a bundle is built by the customer, the price and weight are calculated and set to the new variant. The weight is the combined total of the individual items. If you want to check if the shipping

  • Can I add the line item properties on the packing slip?

    If you're using the standard packing slip in Shopify, you may see the packing slip below: The line item on the order details page: As you can see, the individual line item properties are lost. You

  • Why can't I add bundle to cart?

    There are mainly 4 reasons: Draft bundle Just like your products, Draft products are not allowed to be put in the cart. If you are testing, you have to change the bundle to 'active' status. After

  • Why aren't my orders edited?

    On some occasions, BYOB cannot edit your order. The order edit process is prohibited by Shopify. Here are some edge case examples: Customers add bundles to the cart. But they don't check out

  • BYOB Templates Release Note

    Release Note 1.30 - 8/6/2023 Update French translation 1.29 - 8/6/2023 Support showing the bundle price on the footer for BXGY 1.25 - 29/5/2023 Hide the price and saved amount labels on the footer